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The Gangster Match Show is a streaming WebTV show which introduces users to Gangster Match, how it works and how to use it. Presented by Chris Worfolk and featuring special guests (we hope, eventually) it will guide you through Gangster Match with the aid only of some well placed screenshots.

We only do one stream as we didn't want to burden the our servers with huge video files so there is only the one 28-5k stream, meaning that everyone can watch it. The streaming format is Windows Media so you need Windows Media player to view it. Who knows we may eventually produce it in Real Media and have it downloadable using the file release system. Though don't be so sure :).

NOTICE: We had problems with the embedded file as it was really jumpy and the video was more of a slide show. Therefore we now provide a direct link to the video so it opens in Windows Media player which will buffer it correctly. If you have a seriously fast connection then we still have the embedded version of episode one but I fail to see the point myself. If you would rather download it, right click and click save target as...

Episode #1
Installing Gangster Match: Upload, configure, log in, its simple
Presented by Chris Worfolk - length 1:21 (minutes : seconds)
Watch now - direct video link...
Watch via old embedded page...

Episode #2
The complete guide to configuring your game settings
Presented by Chris Worfolk - length 2:57 (minutes : seconds)
Watch now - direct video link...

Episode #3
Security holes, what we found and how we fixed them
presented by Chris Worfolk - length 3:42 (minutes : seconds)
Watch now - direct video link...

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