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Welcome to the Ganster Match portal! Gangster Match is a massive multiplayer online game where players compete for credits by attacking other players and getting friends to click their links and sign up. It is built using a combination of Active Server Pages and an Access database. Gangster Match is released under the General Public Licence (open source) so anyone can get the source code and run their own version.

Project updates:
30/06/2003: "What we have done so far" file released
02/06/2003: New version released (see news) and loads of new features for next version
06/07/2003: We finally have this site live! Plus 0.05 haws just been released. WebTV too :).
10/07/2003: Trying to patch a few problems. Episode 2 of Web TV now available.

SourceForge Project page:

Play the game:
We are currently beta teating the game - please report any bugs to us while playing and send us any thoughts and feedback you have on it. Also if you are interested in helping us beta test on your server then please contact us. Current servers:
M World (running version 0.02 onwards)

Contact Us:
Admin: chrisworfolk@ntlworld.com
Team: nickj@tn-uk.net
Team: sirmattythegreat@hotmail.com

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